Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008

Logitech Harmony Remote

Recently I was so bored by all the different remotes for all different devices laying around, I went off to my next store and bought a Logitech Harmony Remote 555. It's a quite nice device and helped me to put away all other remotes by programming this one.
Like all devices, there is also here a negative point: The Software on my PowerBook didn't start, it just complained: The application configuration was not loaded. Reinstall the software or contact customer service.
The problem is based on the case sensitive filesystem and as I doesn#t want to change my entire Harddisk into a case insensitive one, I followed the hint from the forum:
  • create a disk image with 'disk utility', make sure it's not case sensitive. About 100 megabyte is enough

  • move the '/Applications/' and '/Applications/Logitech Harmony Remote' applications to that disk image

  • create a symbolic link of to '/Applications/'
    So if you mounted your created volume 'Logitech' you can create a symbolic link with:
    $ ln -s /Volumes/Logitech/ /Applications/

  • make sure the image is mounted and start the 'Logitech Harmony Remote Software' located in that created volume.

Version 7.5 is out, and it works well so far. (just tested minimal)

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