Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Oracle SIB

I found an intresting SIB in Oracle clusterware.
Why SIB? IT's not a BUG, it's not a Docu-BUG, nevertheless it's not working and I'm advised to use my WorkAround ( a simple patch to some files). So it must be SomethingInBetween. I wasn't aware Oracle has such a status, but yes, it's there.

On an Oracle- RAC Cluster on Solaris, you can not bring up a VIP on an interface, if you can not reach the default-GW via this interface. (If there is enough traffic on that network, it might or might not work, depending on the traffic during the probe-phase).

The problem is based on the way oracle checks if the interface is healthy: it first checks the packages in/out on that If, then tries to create some network-traffic using ping -I (Linux) or ping -i (solaris) and checks the packages again. If the numbers differ, it assumes the interface is good.

Unfortunately the -I (Linux) and -i (Solaris) differ a little bit:

-I interface address
Set source address to specified interface address. Argument may be numeric IP address or name of device. When pinging IPv6 link-local address this option is required.

-i interface_address
Specify the outgoing interface address to use for multicast packets for IPv4 and both multicast and unicast packets for IPv6. The default interface address for multicastpackets is determined from the (unicast) routing tables.
interface_address can be a literal IP address, for example,, or an interface name, for example, eri0, or an interface index, for example 2.

my BUG:6839000 - Status: Not a Bug. To Filer - Base BUG:6332776 - Status: Closed, Not a Bug
my enhancement-request:6969925- not published - Status-code 15 (To Internal (Oracle) Review)

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