Montag, 22. September 2008

latches and events - from to

I was just curious what parts of latches and waits oracle changed in it's first patchset of here my results (i run a create table latch_11106 as select * from v$latch; before and after the patch, with 11107 obviously):
select count(*) from latch_11106;


select count(*) from latch_11107;

select count(*) from EVENT_NAME_11106;

select count(*) from EVENT_NAME_11107;

More Details:
Events which does not exist in anymore:
select name from event_name_11106 minus select name from event_name_11107;

Intelligent Storage OSS I/O completion
Streams capture: resolve low memory condition
storage device registration
virtual circuit status
new Events:
select name from event_name_11107 minus select name from event_name_11106;
Archiver slave I/O
DBWR range invalidation sync
DBWR slave I/O
LGWR slave I/O
Logical Standby Debug
PMON to cleanup detached branches at shutdown
RMAN Disk slave I/O
RMAN Tape slave I/O
Streams apply: waiting for dependency
Streams apply: waiting to commit
Streams: flow control
Streams: resolve low memory condition
Streams: waiting for messages
WCR: replay paused
cell multiblock physical read
cell single block physical read
cell smart file creation
cell smart incremental backup
cell smart index scan
cell smart restore from backup
cell smart table scan
cell statistics gather
direct path sync
enq: AM - ASM File Destroy
enq: XC - XDB Configuration
enq: ZA - add std audit table partition
enq: ZF - add fga audit table partition
external table misc IO
external table read
external table write
gc cancel retry
gc recovery
ges DFS hang analysis phase 2 acks
ges/gcs diag dump
listener registration dump
master diskmon startup
process diagnostic dump
securefile chain update
shared server idle wait
virtual circuit wait

40 rows selected.

There are no changes between WAIT_CLASSes.

select name from latch_11106 minus select name from latch_11107;
FAL subheap alocation
cv apply list lock
cv free list lock

select name from latch_11107 minus select name from latch_11106;
WCR: MMON Create dir
WCR: kecr File Count
cvmap freelist lock
ges DFS wait callback info
heartbeat check
kcfis stats shared latch
parallel ibr array
rsb inst ckpt scn
storage server table manipulation latch

10 rows selected.

Unfortunately I do't know how to get a List of all existing mutexes. v$mutex_sleep_history does not give all possible mutexes, only these, qou used in the past (and the system holds historical infos about.
If someone knows, how to get all mutexes, please inform me!

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Yong Huang hat gesagt…

Martin, you must be referring to mutex types. I'm pretty sure in 10gR2 there're only 3 types: Cursor Stat, Cursor Parent and Cursor Pin. Not sure about 11g. It's likely the same.

Yong Huang