Montag, 3. Februar 2020

Gorillas, be aware!

 During the last 2 weeks I attended the Guerrilla Capacity and Performance online class.
It was somehow different from my normal technical activities as the content was totally agnostic of any specific technology and solely focussed on proper thinking and using of methodologies.
We learned sufficient about queueing theory, Littles Law, Amdahl and USL, PDQ and Statistical Forecasting like Multivariate Regression.
 Beside these technical skills the most important aspect was the tactical one: As modern timeframes and project plans does not allow a dedicated, full blown capacity planning step, the required approach is more guerilla like: Use oportunities, don't waste (your) resources, make achievements visible communicate properly.
 I have to thank Dr. Neil J. Gunther for giving this class. Beside the raw facts and figures he shared a great set of wisdom and anectotes.
 It's now on me to practice - the only way for becoming a practicioner. - Let's hope for many interesting projects ahead where I can apply my new skills!