Mittwoch, 27. August 2008

manual Remastering of Global Cache

this all is stolen from a Presentation from Julian Dyke. Some infos are also from Fairlie Rego.

for more background, please read there (or wherever you want). This is only a container for some code sniplets:

find the object_id from the object you are interested in:

SELECT data_object_id
FROM dba_objects
WHERE owner = 'US01' AND object_name = 'T1';

find current and previous master and a remaster-count (this might be 0 all the time due to BUG:5649377 - fixed in 11G - Backports available for Linux32-

SELECT object_id,current_master, previous_master ,remaster_cnt
WHERE object_id = 144615;

to remaster the object to a dedicate instance go tho this instance and run

oradebug setmypid
oradebug lkdebug -m pkey <obj_id>

To dissolve remastering of this object on this instance

oradebug lkdebug -m dpkey <obj_id>

There are some more infos availalbe from a bunch of internal tables.
[X$KJDRMREQ-Dynamic Remastering Requests, X$KJDRMAFNSTATS-File Remastering Statistics, X$KJDRMHVSTATS-Hash Value Statistics,X$KJBL-Externalizes GCS Enqueues,
X$KJBR-Externalizes GCS Resources]
(I will not discuss it here)

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