Freitag, 10. Oktober 2008

syntax highlighter

I'm bored of playing around with html-tags just to get the code formatted a little bot better. So I'm switching to syntaxhighlighter from alex.gorbatchev As I'm a lazy boy, I used this documentation.

from now on, code should look lihe this:

select sysdate from dual;select sysdate+1 from dual;select sysdate+2 from dual;

Maybe I will rewrite some of my older posts to use this for better readability. - Maybe ;-)

UPDATE1: there is something going wrong, I don't know where the <br> come from. But I will check.
UPDATE2: solution: I must NOT put a newline at the beginning and end of the statements.
UPDATE3: I have to switch to draft blogger for editiong to make it work. strange thing. but the code formatting is worth the change.
UPDATE4: A solution is posted in syntaxhighlighters wiki.

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