Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2008

Oracle 10g Performance Analysis with Doug Burns in Vienna

Doug Burns hold a 2 day class in Vienna. The topic was "Oracle 10g Performance Analysis with Doug Burns".
I had the pleasure to attend this class and saw (and of course listen to) Doug.
The course had 3 major parts (from my point of view):
  1. General introduction to Tuning like:
    • It's all about time (not costs, not ratios, not beauty, ...)
    • the customer is the only who can tell what's good (and must do this, before tuning begins)
    • beware Compulsive tuning disorder
  2. the history of the tools:
    • bstat/estat
    • wait interface
    • statspack
  3. current tools (10g/11g) and new features (11g) - (or why it's all the same, just better)
    • ASH
    • AWR
    • ADDM
    • improvements in 11g

That's all I remember (high level) - so if I miss anything substantial, sorry Doug, I must have drifted off (which I have to account my little daughters growing teeth much more than Dough) .

It was the first time to see Dough and it was great. It was full of good examples (many of them known if you follow his blog or others, but that's good!), but he never lost the red line through all his slides.
As he started with some history, he picked me up in a well known and familiar area and guided me to the brave new world, their strenghts and pitfalls.

During all the coffee breaks (and there where enough, even for the smokers) quite refreshing debates arose. Very convenient.

At the end, Doug just finished before time, but I had no feeling he missed something during the past 2 days. So I was happy to use the time for some more  general, not so technical chat.

At all, these 2 days where the perfect recreation from ordinary labour work as a DBA for a geek like me!

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Thanks for the positive comments. As you'll see from my own post soon, I could see plenty of room for improvement, but I really enjoyed everyone's company and I hope it went well for most.

Hopefully see you again at a conference some time soon ;-)