Freitag, 9. Januar 2009

avoid ORA-1555 in long running queries brought an interresting new Feature: Allow ORA-1555 to be ignored during table scan.
From the description for Bug 6688108:

ORA-1555 can occur during long running queries involving a ROWID Range or full table scan if the undo has recycled.
This error is normal and expected.

This fix is a special enhancement to allow an SCN_ASCENDING hint to be supplied in the SQL statement. With this hint the select will take a new snapshot SCN and continue the scan rather than reporting an ORA-1555 to the caller. This can lead to inconsistent results as the SELECT is allowed to see data which is not all consistent to one point in time.

It is somewhat amazing Oracle allows inconsistent results, or it's the 'other end' of READ UNCOMMITTED isolation Level.

I'm not sure where this feature makes any sense, but there will be environments where it's better to get false data than no data.

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