Montag, 20. Juni 2011

ORA-02393 on purpose

Today I got an email by a developer about an error on a test database.
(I shortened the conversation, but tried not to change the content):

We get an ORA-02393: exceeded call limit on CPU usage almost immediatedly after executing the following stmt: ...Could you pls adjust the limits?

After some hours of meetings I replied:

These limits where introduced in test to find exactly those statements which are running too slow for an OLTP application. Can we help you in tuning the statement?

I already exchanged details on the issue with [another DBA] and found the cause of the 'longer than usual' execution time (index missing ;-)
Nonetheless 100ms max exec time is a bit too strict for a dev platform imho - but as the ... is going to be replaced soon we won't request any changes to a system/db in the last chapter of its life cycle.

I did not reply yet. Just try to explain my world.

Is a CPU_PER_CALL limit really needed on a test system?

In theory: no.

If the developers implement a perfect code instrumentation, they would know the runtime of every statement. In test it would be evaluated for a proper per-statement performance as well as for an over all performance.

But if they would do so, I would never have received this email. So the world is not perfect. The code isn't, also.

Are 100ms enough time? seems really tough!

Yes, they are.

Even on an 8 years old UltraSparc III+ you can do a lot of CPU cycles within 100ms. And only CPU is count there, no time for IO or other WAITs.

But the biggest argument for this limit: I never got any complaint about it by a good statement. Only by those which needed urgent suport, anyhow.

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