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some tracing events in DBMS_SCHEDULER

I currently have the fun to review DBMS_SCHEDULER. As I'm always interested in ways to trace anything, to dig deeper in case of problems, I searched for ways to trace it.
As I did not find a collected list of events anywhere, I start them here. It's by far not a complete list, so feel free to discuss and contribute, if you want!

event 10862

resolve default queue owner to current user in enqueue/dequeue
Cause: resolve default queue owner to current user in enqueue/dequeue.
Action: turn on if client wish to resolve the default queue owner to the current user. If not turned on, the default queue owner will be resolved to the login user.
This event is not checked the way you might imagine. Just in the area of REMOVE_JOB_EMAIL_NOTIFICATION if it's 0, it's set to 1 for a call of DBMS_AQADM.REMOVE_SUBSCRIBER and set to 0 afterwards.


scheduler tracing event

  • bit 0x10000 - Logging e-mail to table and returning
    bitand( ,65536)
    logs informations about sending emails into table sys.scheduler$_sent_emails
  • bit 0x20000 - start DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.CONNECT_TCP in file watcher
    bitand( ,131072)
    starts DBMS_DEBUG_JDWP.CONNECT_TCP on localhost, port 4444
    I'm not sure if I like this event. In general I don't want any software opening connections without my knowing. And I could not find this documented anywhere.
    Is it fair to call this a backdoor?
  • bit 0x40000 - starts tracing in file watcher
    bitand( ,262144)
    logs informations about file watcher into trace file


scheduler tracing event

  • bit 0x40 - starts tracing about emails
    bitand( ,64)
    similar to event 27401 bit 0x10000, but tracefile instead of table
  • bit 0x80 - starts tracing about emails
    bitand( ,128)
    logs information about email jobs into trace file
  • bit 0x100 - starts tracing in chains
    bitand( ,256)
    logs information about chains into trace file

I guess there is at least also a bit 0x200, but could not prove it right now.


scheduler stop job event

I did not find anything about it yet. comments are most welcome!

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