Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

SQL Developer 4.1 with Method R Trace 3

These days SQL Developer 4.1 GA was released. If you use SQL Developer, I'd recommend an update.

Nearly at the same time Method R Trace extension for SQL Developer was released as well. Especially for developers that's a very important news - at least if they concern about performance. Method R Trace
A new Version of this extension is needed as SQL Developer changed it's extension framework at the upgrade from version 3 to 4. So I'm very glad Method R took the effort to upgrade Method R Trace. Because of this upgrade, the feature of the current release is limited, as they described in the announcement.
I follow their argumentation it's better to release Method R Trace with feature 1 right now and not wait some more months until feature 1 and 2 are released.

But this decision leads to some consequences: Feature 1 and 2 need different objects installed in the database. And as with version only feature 1 is released, all the objects for feature 2 (it's called level two feature set object in the installation script) is not released. As I did not find the old extension anymore available at Method R website, I just can advise to preserve a copy in case you need some of the level two feature set objects for any purpose.

One more little thing in case you use Method R Trace on a RAC: in the installation script replace
open c_gvparameter for 'select i.inst_id, v.value 
from gv$instance i, v$diag_info v 
where = ''Diag Trace''';
open c_gvparameter for 'select i.inst_id, v.value 
from gv$instance i, gv$diag_info v 
where i.inst_id = v.inst_id 
  and = ''Diag Trace''';

to ensure you can access the local tracefiles on all instances.

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