Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017

Oracle Bundle Patches - release timing

I have to invest much of my time (at work) into Oracle and managing of patches, merge patches, patch requests and similar things.
At this task I identified an interesting (but probably worthless) information:
It seems a Bundle Patch (for Version 12.1) is defined approximately (at least) 40 days before it's released.
At least the BP follows this rule.

I have requested a lot of one-off and merge patches on top of over the last days. In the picture you can see 2 requests with date of 18th and 20th Oct. Others with Requested "Not Specified" are delivered already.
But there are some in the list with 7th and 8th of September. As my "Associated Request" ID is increasingit's shown I requested them in order (and without time machine) - all of them were requests based on Database Proactive Bundle Patch Patch 26635880 which was nit GA before 10th of October.
So a valid conclusion is: The content of Patch 26635880 was defined before 7th of September.
At about 7th and 8th September many merge request were raised internally - by whatever mechanism they were chosen.
Many of them were available when Patch 26635880 was available - others still pending. (Maybe they wait for more customers to request - like a kind of vote - but that's pure guessing).
Is this information of any value?
At a first sign no. As a customer still we don't know which patches will be fixed in an upcoming BundlePatch/RCU.
But if we are really demanding, we can start approx. 40 days early to force Support / Presales / Account Manager to make sure a patch for a given bug is available within next PSU/RCU.

So, if it's really urgent, don't wait until mid of January 2018 - start in early December to request your merge patches on top of (or 12.2 ...)

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