Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008

OCM with or without proxy settings

I tried to install and customize OCM version 10.3.

Installation was quite easy on our development system.
Just as I tried to create a response-file (using emocmrsp) for our test and production-systems, I noticed I cannot add proxy-settings to this.

I have to notice the ability to connect directly to * from this development server.

After some searching I created SR:6969566.993 and got the answer:
Starting with OCM 10.3 setupCCR , configCCR and emocmrsp commands does not include a parameter to specify a proxy server and port. However, If the systems these commands run on does not have direct Internet access then you will be automatically prompted to enter the proxy information. So in case you run emocmrsp on a system that does not have direct Internet access then you will be prompted to enter the proxy information and that will be recorded in the responce file also. If now there is no Internet access then you can enter the word NONE when prompted for a proxy and that will instrall it in disconnected mode.

This is a little bit boring, as I will not run a configuration tool on a Prod-Env, but cannot create a working response-file on my development-node.

I created an Enhancement Request BUG:7258715 enable emocmrsp to add proxy-settings to response-file in any case

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