Mittwoch, 11. November 2009

hardware lasts longer than software

A week ago, Oracle has replaced its good old support platform MetaLink with MyOracleSupport (MOS).
The thing I like most about MOS is the non Flash-based HTML-Version.
Many discussions about the need, target and failures during the last week of transition are ongoing in blogs, mailing lists, forums; I also had to suffer and had to communicate it. But that's not what's this blog is about.

I got into touch with MetaLink in 2000, as Oracle tried to move the customers from calling the Support to a self-service platform. They promoted MetaLink on many events, with everything you can imagine. The transition was not forced, but within a short period of time most customers liked the possibility to get many answers faster than on the phone. A real win-win situation.
Also I learned how to use MetaLink effective and therefore like it.

Metalink iTar

On one of these events, I got the promo-mug. I like it, because I like MetaLink.
Nowadays, everytime I feel without any Support from Oracle, I cling to the mug, hopefully filled with good, strong, hot coffee. This makes me feel a little bit better.
And sometimes, hardware really lasts longer than software, especially if you have the hardware in your hands and take care of.

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