Montag, 9. November 2009

Oracle Security Options

Last week I attended a 1 day Seminar about Oracle Security by Dominique Jeunot.
Dominique did a great job to squeeze everything she knows into one day, and it was allways obvious there is a lot more she could tell us in the script and even more in her brain. Nevertheless she created a very good overview with the right level on all topics. It was obvious she could only make a kind of teaser, but it was a very tasty one!
Maybe the most important picture she draw was the first overview about all available features, options and products. I did the effort to draw it for my own joy and will share it here, as it might be helpful for others as well. All options are colored red, so you can see where you have to take extra money.

In general you can say: for nearly every issue there are possibilities to do it without extra money (but extra effort) or you can buy a solution.

If someone wants the visio behind this jpeg, just contact me :)


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Surachart Opun hat gesagt…

extra money... oops!
I still have extra effort. But I need times... ;)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Nice post