Montag, 22. März 2010

developers joke

Yesterday evening I had to deal with the product of a really funny Oracle developer:
I had requested a CRS patch for Bug:8328904 under really high preassure (Management involved). With a target date of 3rd week of March 2010, I got the patch on 19-Mar-2010 about 2pm local time. Just in time!
So I had the fun to patch a test system on Sunday evening. As allways, it's not that easy as it sounds:
after a slow, but successful preparation of one node and a really easy patch, at restart of the CRS I got
/etc/init.d/ [[: not found

Ok. I knew this Patch was knitted with really hot needles, so after some checking we applied this diff:
< if [[ "$CMD" = "" && "$PARENT_CMD" != "startpar" ]]; then
> if [ "$CMD" = "" ] && [ "$PARENT_CMD" != "startpar" ]; then

All the patching ended at Monday, 2am.

Of course, I updated my SR on Monday morning with this slightly detail.
The answer was overwhelming:

/etc/init.d/ [[: not found encountered while startup is a known issue and bug is already filed.( bug# 9131555).

The problem is with the bundle 2 . Since the patch was created on top of bundle 2 hence the same error got passed on. The workaround is correct and is same as mentioned in the above mentioned bug. So no problem it is a supported workaround.

What a funny developer!
delivering a patch for a escalated but just in time, delivering another known within it.

Who can tell me why i was not laughing?

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