Freitag, 12. März 2010

NOTE:Unident of disk

I just wondered where the lines

*** 2010-03-12 10:25:13.862
NOTE:Unident of disk:/appl/oracle/asm_disks/c3t60014380024D39280000A000039B0000d0s0_eva
NOTE:Unident of disk:/appl/oracle/asm_disks/c3t60014380024D39280000A00003A10000d0s0_eva

came from in my +ASMS744_rbal_3119.trc trace file every minute.

As i did not find any matches for NOTE:Unident of disk in MOS, I tried to open a SR there. Just in the preperation, I checked the status of this particular Disk:

select header_status, path
from v$asm_disk
where path like '%c3t60014380024D39280000A000039B0000d0s0%';

------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------
CANDIDATE /appl/oracle/asm_disks/c3t60014380024D39280000A000039B0000d0s0_eva

So I added these disks to a DiskGroup and the trace file did not grow any further.

I didn't found anything about Unident of disk in the docu, MOS or google. sadly.

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