Sonntag, 22. November 2009

PRKO-2007 is not always correct

This week I had to stop and start an instance in a CRS-cluster. Nothing special so far, I just hit a PRKO-2007 error. For those which does not know it by heart, here the short description:
PRKO-2007: "Invalid instance name: "
Cause: An invalid instance name was entered.
Action: Use the correct instance name for the database. Run 'srvctl config database
-d ' command to find out all instances of a database in the
Cluster Database Configuration.

and here the copy of my commands (solution included):
oracle@aves742p:~/ [EDWP031] srvctl stop instance -d EDWP03 -i EDWP031
PRKO-2007 : Invalid instance name: EDWP031
oracle@aves742p:~/ [EDWP031] srvctl stop instance -d EDWP03_SITE1 -i EDWP031

I'm sure, you see the difference, and it's not the instance!
Just once again: don't trust the error message 100%, sometimes it's still worth to use the brain ;-)
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